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Alternatives to Smoke Cleansing

As September creeps closer, I’m reminded of my time at SCAD – August and September meant moving, whether it be to a new dorm or a new apartment. And that meant walking into a space where I wasn’t the first to live there. It meant feeling energies that weren’t mine in a space that was supposed to be for me.

The answer is always to cleanse.

But some apartments have overly sensitive smoke alarms, dorms don’t allow fire, or traditional scents just don’t please us.

So, here are a few other ways to cleanse that don’t involve any of the above.

1. Vacuum, sweep, wash

Suck up old energy with a vacuum, brush it all out a door with a broom, take a cloth and wash windows and window sills and depending on how much of a neat or clean person you are, maybe the walls too. Make sure to do so with the intention and thought to remove old energies.

2. Essential oil diffuser or room spray

Cosmic Corner sells quite a few room sprays that have fabulous reviews from those who can’t use traditional smoke cleansing methods in their spaces. Whether you choose something like palo santo, or choose a verbena for protection, these will sure to be as effective as anything else.

3. Bells, singing bowls, or chimes

Singing bowls can be a bit tricky to get a hang of, can they not? Though, their vibrations work wonders at clearing stagnant and old energy from both us humans and our environments. Playing a YouTube video of singing bowls, chimes, or bells can also do the same wonders.

4. Good Ol’ telling the energy to leave

We don’t always need fancy tools to do things. I remember walking into one of my apartments when I moved in and saying aloud, “Okay, this is my space now. Anything old can peacefully leave.” And surprisingly, I didn’t feel anything old or lingering in the space afterwards. Standing in your own power and declaring something as yours is all you really need at the end of the day.

Like these ideas? Our Instagram will cover some scents that have cleansing, purification, and protection qualities that aren’t your typical sage or palo santo.

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