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Cleanse This, Cleanse That, Cleanse it When?

It feels like everywhere we look, people are reminding us to make sure we cleansed our tarot cards, our crystals, our minds, our everything. And there’s so many kinds of cleansing – sound baths, smoke, visualization. Someone could spend all day every day cleansing if they listened to all the recommendations.

But not everything needs to be cleansed every day. Here are three reasons you should cleanse something.

1. When you just bought something.

Before I worked in retail, I didn’t really understand the point of cleansing crystal or cards or anything before I used them in ritual or meditation. But after, I realized over ten different people’s hands touched the same object in one day, and that doesn’t include customers or anyone from the warehouse it was shipped from. That’s a lot of different people, a lot of different lives, and a lot of different energy that could come into play during ritual or meditation, so please, cleanse your newly bought objects.

2. After a big “fight”

In your home, after an argument or a fight, that negative energy can linger in the room without knowing. The next thing you know, when you walk in the room you’re irritable for no reason. The same goes with cards or crystals. If you had a negative reading that you didn’t react well to, or someone else didn’t react well to, you might want to cleanse the tarot and crystals involved. Maybe a spell or ritual or offering didn’t go as planned – you’ll want to cleanse the tools and objects involved.

3. When you feel like you need to

Some people cleanse tarot cards after every reading, some leave a cleansing crystal on top to cleanse them while they sit. I cleanse my cards when I’ve done readings for a lot of different people, or when they have consistently been giving me unclear answers. Are you feeling stressed or antsy? It may be time to cleanse the room or even yourself. Find the signs personal to you that indicate a cleansing is necessary.

It doesn’t have to be every day, or even every week, but cleansing is important. What are your favorite ways to cleanse? Let us know in the comments or by tagging us on Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah.

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