What's a Mini Spell Kit?

September 30, 2017

Only the smallest all inclusive spell kit you can imagine! I adore all things tiny and compact- so naturally I love Travel Altars (usually made with Altoids tins!). This Mini Spell Kit takes the smallness a step further and resides in a matchbox! I currently have 5 unique tiny spells for you to enjoy- here's a run-down of each of them! Click on the picture to go to the listing :) Each kit is $5 


Instructions are on the back of each matchbox. 

Remember: I supply the elements- but you must make your own magic! I am not selling a spell or magical cure. ;)






This is my favorite candle with a sweet, happy orange scent! 

1 handmade yellow sweet orange soy candle 
1 citrine chip 
3 matches










You can feel a little more protected and secure after completing this ritual. 


1 handmade black clove soy candle 
1 packet of cinnamon/salt 
3 matches









Love <3 


A ritual not to force love from someone else but to help you love yourself and others with such purity that they can't help but love you back! 


1 handmade pink rose soy candle 
1 dried rosebud 
1 Keepsake bottle 
1 rose quartz chip 
3 matches


















My favorite of the activities- this one encourages you to have some innocent fun and play with blue and green sand! Think Zen Sand Garden writ small!


1 handmade white balsam fir soy candle 
1 packet of green and blue sand 
3 matches (Penny for size)





Wealth $$$


This one includes a Shiny New Penny so it literally makes you richer! 


1 handmade green oregano soy candle 
1 new penny 
3 matches

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