How to Divine with a Pendulum

September 28, 2017

Pendulums, like Tarot Cards, are tools for speaking to your subconscious, Higher Self, and sometimes spirits or deities (it depends on who you ask!).


Like many things, they can be as mystical or scientific as you please. Scientifically speaking, when you stop over-thinking a decision and start allowing yourself to trust your instincts (which are shown via the pendulum) you can make more aligned choices for yourself. Spiritually, the pendulum allows energies to manipulate it,



whether yours or someone (or something!) else's. 


Either way, a pendulum is a great tool to have in your repertoire! 


To Use a Pendulum:


When you first get started with pendulums... 


Program your pendulum when you get it by cleansing it and asking it a few questions you know the answer to i.e. "Is my name John Goodman?" to figure out the "yes" and "no" directions!


1) Make sure there aren't any sneaky drafts or wind that could affect the swing

2) Meditate on your question or hold your pendulum near an object or person

3) Hold the charm end of the pendulum and let the crystal dangle. Steady it so it's very still. 

4) (The hardest part!) Stop thinking! Easier said than done. Just focus on our breath and don't allow your consciousness to affect the swing in anyway. 

5) This may take some time but eventually the pendulum will begin to swing. Read it according to it's programming!


I use my pendulum to sort myself out whenever I feel wishy-washy or just need an extra vote. When I'm making a Sacred Space, I always use my pendulum to make sure it feels comfortable to my subconscious. If a space is clean of negative energy and feels good- the pendulum goes clockwise. If it's still not quite up to snuff it will go counter-clockwise. It may be different for you.


All the pendulums I sell on CosmicCornerSavannah come with a free charm of your choice to personalize it! Love and Light, Laura Loup 

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