What is Tarot?

November 13, 2016


How does Tarot work? Is it really magic? Are spirits telling you your future? Well, maybe… let’s delve into the world of Tarot and why it always appears to make sense to us.


From a scientific point of view, ignoring all possibility of spiritual interference, Tarot is a tool. You could theoretically pull any one of the 78 cards and your brain would find a way to relate it back to your life. Since we are constantly consuming information and subconsciously relating it back to us (that stove appears to be hot - I better not touch it, this person is smiling - I’ve done something right, It’s 4 am - I should sleep, ect.), it is natural for us to seek truth in the Tarot readings.


From a more spiritual point of view- Tarot gets your mind working and thinking about your life from a different angle, who is truly to say whether or not that spark of thought comes from spirit guides who are looking out for us? Everyone who’s experienced a reading before has felt that strange tug to a certain card, or a shock of recognition the moment it’s turned over. While I’m a scientifically minded gal I will never discount the things we can’t explain. Remember, just because we can’t explain it now doesn’t mean we never will. Bring a laptop back in time to the 1800s. You won’t be able to ask for the lavatory before you’re brought up on charges of witchcraft. In a few hundred more years we may just be phoning up the dead for a chat from the afterlife and think nothing of it.


So, a question I get at work (where I read Tarot to tourists for fun) a lot is “Is it real? Does it work?” and the answer is yes. Always yes. But perhaps not always the way you think it does and you must be willing to receive the answers the Tarot gives.


(Pstttttt that image up there? It's from Tarot in Space! You can pick up your own copy in our store here: Tarot in Space also I made it. All 78 cards. By hand. Took a year. Worth it.)


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