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Donovan Edward

Witch Practitioner

My name is Donovan and I am from the Savannah area. I have been a witch practitioner for the past 11 years. I have always had a strong call to Spirit and firmly believe my purpose in this life is to aid people on their journey through this plane with the guidance of Spirit. I use my gifts and my knowledge of my craft to cast spells, create mojo bags, divine a path, or to give other spiritual guidance my clients might be seeking. Spell work includes, but is not limited to: love, financial, career, banishing, protection, and luck. Everything I offer is tailored to the individual client, so I find it imperative to meet with all of my clients before moving forward.


As each need is different, the price will differ depending on how in-depth you would like the spell casting and magic to be. Therefore, pricing for a charm you might carry in your pocket to a job interview that is blessed and charged will differ from a spell that will take specific ingredients and multiple hours or days to complete. 

Due to the broad range of possibilities of what kind of work will fit your needs best, this is not a conclusive list of options/pricing.


Basic Spell Casting or Mojo Bag | $30–$50

Intermediate Spell Casting or Mojo Bag | $50–$100

Advanced Spell Casting or Mojo Bag | $75–$150

Spiritual Guidance | $30-$50

Full House Cleansing | $50–$200


Please contact me directly at 770.713.2921 or


Blessed be.

free metaphysical resource


Dhylles Victoria Gibbs 

Oracle, Ancestral Advocate & Mentor for Spiritual Seekers

90 Minute Intuitive Mentorship Session | $77

4-week group intuitive mentorship program | $200

6-week private mentorship program | $400

Home Saging Session | $99

Intuitive Workshops + Events 


Please contact me at


305 East 38th Street

Savannah, GA 31401

Corner of Lincoln


Wednesday - Saturday 11-6

Sunday 1-6


(912) 421-0426‬

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