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Worried That Baby Witches Hexed the Moon?

If you’ve kept up to date with witchcraft themed social media these last few weeks, you may have seen the drama about “baby witches,” or those new to witchcraft, attempting to hex the moon…oh, and the fae.

Long story short, a group of baby witches over on witchtok – the realm of TikTok where those who practice the occult and witchcraft hang out – decided it would be fun to hex the moon. And later, another group decided to hex the fae as revenge in a personal matter. These groups, which it is unclear whether they are the same or different, are now posing the idea of hexing the sun.

Those who’ve been practicing witchcraft for years say ultimately, there is nothing to worry about for the mass of society.

Celestial beings such as the moon and sun operate at such a powerful level that humans can’t compare. Even if every witch came together to curse or hex the moon or sun, it would do nothing. And, same with the fae. Beings like that run on such a high vibration and light that most humans cannot even see them – they’re much more powerful than any group of humans. Any attempt to hex or hurt them would be futile at best.

So, rest assured, there shouldn’t be any huge effects because of this.

What the situation teaches us though, is the importance of research and respect when it comes to our craft, our rituals, and our spells. If you don’t think hexing is immoral, then this situation serves as a reminder you get back the energy you put out – putting negative energy such as a hex into the universe will only bring bad luck to you.

Researching what the moon, the fae, or anything represents is required in order to craft spells and rituals in a respectful manner. Then, you’ll be able to appreciate the energy more, and borrow more of its power to fuel your own.

Overall, the actions of these baby witches is reckless, but reminds us to be humble in regards to our own abilities.

What do you think of this entire situation? Let us know in the comments!

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