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Witch Starter Kits under $15

I’m sure we’ll all seen “beginner witch kits” out there, but they all feel a bit too cookie cutter and un-personalized. So today, I’d like to build you guys some beginner kits where you can pick and choose what you’re interested in, and it not be more than $15 – not including shipping.

The first thing I’d like to start out with is a journal.

While this one comes in at $13.95 and looks mystical, I’d like to remind you guys that any journal, notebook, one that’s handwritten or digital, will work just fine. So this will not included in the $20, since most people have a notebook, a note app on their phones, or can easily download Word, OneNote, or Notion for free.

But let’s actually get into it, shall we?

If you’re into the #WitchyAesthetic

Chime Candles $3 for 3

Pick up chime candles in a couple different colors. Candles can be dressed with sigils (which are free to make and more personalized to your working), oils, or herbs, you can also pair them with crystals to strengthen their power. They’re a great way to learn color correspondences. And lastly, they can be used for divination – so they truly are such a multipurpose tool!

Cedar Cleansing Herb Bundle $5

Cleansing and protection is so important in any beginner witch kit. I chose cedar because the smell is the least invasive, and it doubles as protection AND cleansing. It also doesn’t intrude on any closed or semi-closed practices.

Quartz Points $5

Whether you’re into crystals or not, clear quartz can substitute any crystal in any magickal working, ritual, or spell. The represent energy, clarity, and often amplify other crystals. These pointed ones are also great because their point lends themselves to directing energy with purpose and strength.

If you’re into self-care

Hand-made soap with intention $7

Our herbal purpose soaps are exclusive to cosmic corner and are infused with various intentions to suit whatever it is you’re working on. And, they can be used daily, making every day a magickal experience and part of your practice.

Bath / Shower Salt $6

Again, exclusive to Cosmic Corner, we also make life-changing bath and shower salts for various intentions. Each is infused with magick already! These are a good way to learn about the water element, which is often associated with our inner worlds – what a great thing to explore as a beginner.

Tumbled Amethyst $2

This stone is another easy one that can substitute for a lot of crystals. It be can used in so many ways, including a fidget or worry stone. Amethyst is known to calm the mind and allow deeper thought, protection, and even helps with dreaming.

What other start kits would you like to see? Green witch ones? Dream magick ones? General spiritual focused ones? Make sure to let us know in a comment over on Instagram.

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