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Winter & Yule Altar Ideas

I know it may not feel like winter all the time in Savannah, but that’s even more of a reason to get in tune with the colder months! I remember walking down savannah streets and seeing wintery garlands hung beside a full blooming garden…but hey, it still looked pretty!

If you are a human who has an altar, you may be wanting to decorate it in a festive way! Here are three ideas:

1. Forage sticks, nuts, and pine / magnolia cones.

Listen, I know no pine trees grow in Savannah, but magnolia cones do, and they look very similar. So, pick some up! Nuts laying around may also make good wintery offerings, as they are symbols of prosperity and health even in the winter. Some fallen twigs can make a good pentagram too – just add glue.

2. Bells, bells, bells!

And unlike the Christmas carol, they don’t have to be silver. Bells are good for cleansing and protection, but also they sound nice. Keeping a few on your altar, for décor or use, looks festive.

3. Incense or candles that smell like winter

I don’t know about you, but cinnamon smells a lot like winter cookies and baking to me. Symbolizing luck and abundance, this is a festive smelling incense that is sure to bring you some prosperity and love for the colder months.

Got any other good ideas? Let us know over on Instagram!

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