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Why You Should Take Tarot Classes (If You Can)

This Sunday marks the beginning of yet another round of Tarot 101 classes hosted at Cosmic Corner. Whether you’re new to tarot completely or have been reading for years, many practitioners don’t see the value in instructor or community-based tarot classes.

But they can provide something learning on your own cannot: different perspective.

I personally picked up my first tarot deck as a sophomore in high school and taught myself the cards. Now seven years later, I still stumble over the meanings of the cards sometimes. Sometimes classes can offer a refresher on the cards themselves. But often times, I find talking with other tarot readers, beginner or experienced, offers me different perspectives on the cards I would not have been able to come across on my own.

That’s why the classroom setting can be so beneficial. The instructor might point out part of a card, or an image or symbol, that you’ve never noticed or thought deeply about. Now your understand of that card is richer and you can understand it in more kinds of readings.

Or, in the discussion portions, other fellow classmates will probably share their own understanding of the cards. Those are more perspectives that can deepen your understanding of the card.

One of my best friends, also a tarot reader, could only see the Tower card as something terrifying – an omen of something bad to happen or for life to fall apart. Talking with her, I taught her it can also just be a quiet understanding, an epiphany that we deserve better or want more. We both learned something about the card that day, and it’s something we will take to all of our readings.

Not only do classes offer different perspectives, they offer community.

If there’s one thing I hear spiritualists and witches alike craving more of, it is community. It is a group of people they can turn to and discuss topics with and not fear judgement or have to explain every detail.

Taking tarot classes puts you in the same room with people who care about and want to learn more about the same thing as you. That can make the journey a lot less lonely and a lot more fun.

The Cosmic Corner Tarot 101 class “blends weaving a story for yourself and your clients by connecting to intuitive wisdom with a healthy dose of demystifying esoteric symbols.” There’s something in there that’s priceless: weaving a story.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve hard cards read, and the readers just take each card as a separate thing, or how rarely those same readers ever wrap up their reading with a bow about the meaning of call those cards together as a story.

Learning to mix symbols, intuition, and then being able to tell them to your querent in a way that makes sense is a priceless skill that makes this class in particular unique.

Convinced to try at least one class out? Check out the details here.

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