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Why You Should Get To Know Your Cycle

If you are a human who bleeds monthly, or even if you’re not, I urge you to ask yourself about connecting to the natural rhythms of your body, and the cycles of emotions, strengths, and talents that occur through ought a month.

Our bodies, just like the earth, were not built to produce all year long with little to no rest. Some of us, maybe, but most of us, not. We were made to constantly be working hard, doing cardio, being creative and pumping out beautiful, well-thought through work. The earth has a winter – so why can’t we?

I am someone who bleeds, and recently I have felt pulled to get to know my cycle a little better. Even if you are on some sort of regulation – like birth control – I’ve noticed for me personally, I still experience cycles within my cycle.

One week I am so hungry all the time, talkative, energetic, and can get anything done. And perhaps the next I am calm, peaceful, and more interested in inward work. Closer to the time of bleeding, I get extremely drained and irritable.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t bleed, you probably still have some sort of cycle. Regardless of gender, or even biological sex, our bodies produce hormones, and those hormone levels can fluctuate depending on the week.

I encourage you to take a month or two, grab a journal, and write down every little thing you notice about hunger levels, energy levels, other physical factors, and even how you’re feeling emotionally. Write down what happened that day, what you ate, if you were active or not – no shame if you weren’t. There may be a pattern there that is personal to you.

Once you know what your own cycle is like, you can then use it to your advantage. Even if that’s something as mundane as knowing to buy more groceries that week, or knowing that it’s a good time to do high-intensive workouts one week, and low-impact or mindful ones like yoga another week. In terms of spirituality, you may start to notice times that are better for meditating, spellwork, divination, or even just self-reflection and goal planning.

It's all very personal! Over on Instagram, I will be sharing a shower ritual for honoring your slow, reflective time of your cycle, so make sure to check us out there. We also offer different care products to help you during your time.

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