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Why You Should Get a Friend Who Doesn't Know Tarot to Read Your Cards

Just like in TV shows and movies where the love witch’s powers only work on others and never on themselves, I am almost always unable to read my own tarot when I really need it. The reason is probably because I’m too emotional and in my head to hear a clear answer, and to me, the tarot is a reflection of your mind.

Anyway, I used to plop myself on my roommate’s bed, set a tarot deck in front of her, and ask her to read my cards. She had never seen tarot before me, never read the cards before, and knew absolutely none of the meanings. Her readings weren’t perfect, were full of question marks at the ends of her statements simply because she wasn’t sure she was reading it right, and it took her a little longer than a friend who did know the tarot.

But they were some of the best readings I ever got.

Here’s why you should get a random friend or loved one to read your tarot, if they’re comfortable:

1. You’ll find new perspectives on the cards.

With nothing but imagery and her intuition, my friend guessed the traditional meanings of the cards quite accurately, but she always had her own spin or perspective, some of which I still hang on to for when I’m reading for others or myself. It’s similar to learning how to see the world from a toddler or child’s eyes – new, unbiased, and full of wonder.

2. Bonding

Wholesome moments of vulnerability and comfort and advice from a dear friend of mine? I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

I was also able to see her in a new light and help her gain confidence. She was really good at tarot, having had no information. It helped her gain confidence in doing other things she was new at, as well as seeing herself in a new way. Maybe she was more intutive than she thought and should trust herself a little more.

3. Getting out of your own head, but with context.

Sometimes tarot readers are way off because they have no context – I’m often someone who doesn’t want to give too much information away to a stranger. (But my readings at Cosmic Corner have always been great, book one here). But with my friend, she had at least a little context to the situation. I did pick a friend who was great at being pretty neutral and really did want the best for me, whatever that was. It made the readings a little deeper than some I’ve had with professionals around the country, and felt more like I was talking to someone who truly understood.

I was able to remove my own biases and preconceptions, but still hang onto the real situation I was trying to read.

Have you ever tried this before? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook!

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