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Which Tarot Deck is for Me?

So you wanna read tarot, and now you’re looking for the perfect deck to take you on your journey. Well, the simple answer is go with the deck that feels right, but if that answer doesn’t vibe with you, I’ve got some suggestions.

1. Take into consideration what kind of learner you are.

If you happen to know what learning style you are, that can help you pick a deck. If you’re a visual learner, you may pick a deck that has traditional images OR a deck whose imagery really feels right and easy to learn for you. If you learn better by reading, maybe find a deck that has an extensive and detailed guidebook, or cards that have words on them.

2. Think of your Interests

Do you love dogs? The Divine Canine tarot might be for you. Love fairies? Dragons? Medieval art? Impressionist art? Plants? Astrology? There are plenty of themed decks you can choose from to combine your interests. Plus, if you know about symbolism of medieval or impressionist art, what plants can be used for what, it can help you make the leap to learning the meaning of tarot and creating your own personal associations.

And finally…

3. Just get a classic, for now.

Start just by getting one of the classic tarots, like Rider Waite, or printing out cards on printer paper and laminating or taping them so they’re sturdier. After all, you can’t read tarot without the cards! You can always use those while you wait to come across the perfect deck.

And, always know that your deck collection will grow. What decks you favor and vibe with may change. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You can always get another if you feel the time comes for it.

Have a favorite? Want to leave a recommendation for a beginner? Comment down below!

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