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When to Cast a Spell

It seems there’s a spell for everything! And there usually is. But – you don’t always need to cast a spell. Today we’ll go over when you should cast a spell, and why you might want to wait before doing so.

If someone pisses you off, makes you sad, or the second you otherwise start to feel upset or threatened in career, romance, or life, you might start thinking of how you can magickally intervene. While magic can definitely help with any of these situations, spellwork that will work requires planning, preparation, and most importantly…energy.

It takes energy (whether it’s your energy, a deities, a spirits, or anything else you work with) to power a spell. The bigger the the problem, the bigger the spell or ritual, and the more energy needed. You don’t want to waste all that special energy on something that might not need it.

The second thing is that in the moment, you might be highly emotional. Spells are fickle things. Your intention is very important, and it’s of the upmost importance to know what you intention truly is. Anything vague, half-assed, or not thought through might cause the spell to not work, or work in a way that you didn’t really want it to.

So it’s important to pause, assess if a spell is needed, and what that spell needs to really be.

It’s time to cast a spell if trying the mundane didn’t work.

Try talking it out with the other party in a calm manner. If you think it might involve a spirit, try finding a mundane source of the problem instead. Ask yourself if you’ve put all the energy you can into solving the situation on your own first.

And hey, if none of those work out, then you could totally cast a spell and see if that helps the situation.

You might also want a general spell that makes you feel safe and secure.

Maybe you cast a confidence charm first and take it with you when you try and address the situation yourself. General protection spells are also common and are good enough reason to cast a spell without thinking too hard.

It’s time to cast after you’ve assessed what’s really needed.

Talk to your friend, family member, partner, boss, or coworker to try and get as much information on what’s going on on their end. Then, sit down and reflect on what you truly need. Sometimes, we may think we need one thing in the moment, but upon further reflection or talking with a friend, we realize we may need something deeper. This assessment allows your spell to really be curated and built based on what will actually be affective in causing change.

You can check out some of the ingredients we sell for spellwork here! My favorite to include is crystal sands, and herbs.

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