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When Cleansing Doesn't Work

The full moon is good for cleansing and releasing. They say if there was an argument in a room, a smoke cleansing ritual can reset the energy. But as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes cleansing isn’t the answer; it doesn’t solve everything.

While watching Netflix’s “Married at First Sight,” a show where strangers agree to marry each other without meeting beforehand, one of the couples began to get into big, explosive fights. The wife’s answer was a ritual on the full moon, and when that didn’t work, an energetic cleansing in a salt cave. And it still didn’t ease their troubles.

Intense arguments with a loved one will not cease with drinking crystal elixirs, or waving incense around the room. Communication will. Talking about each other’s feelings clearly and calmly will foster understanding.

When cleansing a room doesn’t seem to ease the energy, or a cutting ties visualization doesn’t seem to reset the friendship, it may feel like there’s nothing left you can do.

But, just as cleansing is a tool, there are others at your disposal.

Meditation can be used to clear your head. It can be used to calm nerves so you may hear your own thoughts and reach the core of an issue or your own feelings. Then, you may be able to communicate those more easily and effectively. Burning a certain incense or diffusing certain essential oils may comfort you during the time you express yourself. Holding onto a crystal may create that sense of comfort.

But at the end of the day, it is you that must address any issues within and worth through them. Just as a crystal cannot heal cancer, cleansing cannot heal deep-seated emotions. Spirituality does not do the work for us; it aids us in our journeys.

These tools may help accelerate or ease the process, but always remember it is you who is working through it. It is you who is progressing.

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