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What to Do if the word "Witch" Doesn't Feel Right For You

It seems everyone is calling everyone a witch these days, and this time, it’s in a loving way. Anyone who works with the moon may be called a witch, anyone who does rituals or spells. There are plenty of people online who call others who do the same thing

It seems everyone is calling everyone a witch these days, and this time, it’s in a loving way.

Anyone who works with moon or with plant medicine may be called a witch – even those who just try to cleanse their spaces may be called a witch by others online or even their friends.

But for some, the word witch doesn’t feel quite right.

For me, calling myself a witch gives me a weird feeling in my shoulders, and doesn’t feel right in my mouth. So, if you’re doing “witchy” things but not feeling like it’s the right word to describe what you’re doing…you’re not alone.

The first thing I recommend doing is sitting with that thought, either by meditating or doing a journal prompt. Why does the word witch not feel right? Does it feel right to call other’s witches, but not yourself? What word would you choose instead?

Asking yourselves these questions may reveal a lot. For me, I asked myself if I was hesitant to call myself a witch because of the history of the word and those who practices – perhaps some part of me, even while participating, clung to old philosophies and media interpretation that being a witch was bad. It turns out for me, that wasn’t the case. But don’t be embarrassed if it is, call on help with a trusted friend, family member, or professional to work through it.

For me personally, I just settled on that it wasn’t the word for me. I’d always leaned more towards general spirituality, only dabbling in spells when I really needed them. It wasn’t that I was afraid to be a witch, because sometimes that word just means a powerful woman (at least in my eyes). It was just simply that the terminology didn’t suit me.

Know that it’s okay to not have an answer of what to call yourself, too. Or, that what you want to call yourself is out of the norm.

If you settle on the fact that maybe the word just isn’t for you, ask yourself what other words may work. And if still, none seem right, just allow yourself to breathe and wait.

My friends call me a “space magician” since many of them don’t know the depths of witchcraft and spirituality. Sometimes I giggle, thinking that term will suit for now; even though I’m not sure anyone else within the community is using the term.

What do you call yourself? Spiritual, a witch, pagan, or some other term? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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