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What's New at Cosmic Corner This November

New month, new products for us to get excited about. As always to see what’s new, click here, but I’ve curated some of the things I’m personally most excited about. The holiday season is coming up, so this may be a good time to add some things to your wish list.

If you love books…

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz was one of the first books I read on my spiritual journey, recommended by Annie Tarasova. Now, it’s carried at Cosmic Corner! It’s a classic when it comes to learning to love self and others, and may be a great choice for those who lean more spiritual than witchy.

Honorable mentions for my gamer and geeky friends:

Fallout came out with a tarot deck, as did Stranger Things! If you’re obsessed with either of these, these decks are collectors’ items that have a use – so no guilt for my minimalist friends out there. You absolutely have to check them out if you’re fans of the game or the show.

This is the perfect gift or Wishlist item for anyone who loves astrology, numerology, Myers Briggs test, or the enneagram. If they want to know more about themselves, this is yet another way! The book uses pantone colors, so it’s sure to be a great, fun rainbow. Check it out here.

Yup! An affordable way to get a nonbiased opinion when it comes to divination. I myself love minimal readings with one or two cards; there really is so much you can get from one single card. I absolutely love the idea of this and will be picking up a few for myself. Then, use the card on an altar or for spell work – without the fear of messing with a precious, completed deck.

Oh gosh, there are so many more that I am super excited about. Again, check out the full list of new products here, and follow us on Instagram – we have some lovely shopkeepers creating great content that shows how to use products and great gift bundles!

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