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What Is Spiritual Tourism?

Stuck inside, we’re all dreaming of our vacation getaways when this pandemic blows over. So I ask you, what’s been your dream vacation lately?

Salt Caves? A yoga retreat in Costa Rica?

As the spiritualist community grows, a new branch of tourism has opened up in the economy: holistic tourism. It’s anything from visiting crystal shops to yoga retreats, exploring caves to wellness massages using aromatherapy in resorts.

In the states, a must for every trip is finding the local spiritual supply shops, like our very own Cosmic Corner here in Savannah. Tourists are drawn into shops and psychics, looking to get their tarot, palms, or astrological charts read – most of which Cosmic Corner offers; just click here.

Foreign countries, especially those in tropical climates, are finding their visitors are more interested in the spiritual benefits of hot springs, and learning about local lore and magick. Resorts are quickly offering more vegan and vegetarian options for their eco-conscious tourists, and wellness retreats have seen their reservation numbers growing and growing in the past couple years.

Who is leading this trend of traveling to widen your spiritual surroundings? Instagram influencers.

As spiritual shops, such as ourselves, try and grow their online presence and spread a positive message, they are supported by influencers that feature products from different shops, or show themselves on adventures to these wonderfully spiritual spots on earth.

Some, like Allie Michelle and Claire Michelle, use their platform to show and share their spiritual journeys, going as far as to host retreats to meet up with their followers and practice meditations and other holistic wellness methods. It isn’t just American influencers though. In Australia, Annie Tarasova makes annual trips to Thailand with followers to expand her horizons and open up spiritually.

Popular destinations include Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Thailand, but spirituality can be found in almost every part of the world.

Have you wanted to go to any of these locations, or been motivated by spiritual practices to visit somewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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