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What is Ostara and How to Celebrate

This weather is making me want spring more and more. And the coming of spring means a whole lot of holidays to look forward to.

The next one coming up is Ostara. This holiday is usually celebrated on the spring Equinox – be sure to give it a google to know the exact date every year – and is typically from the 20th to the 22nd of March in the northern hemisphere. For those who celebrate it on their own time, you know it’s time to celebrate when the ground softens, the last freeze has passed, and the earth is turning green again!

Just as with many other spring-related holidays, this sabbat is a symbol of fertility, renewal, rebirth, and creativity. Fertility can mean in abundance, opportunity, or literally fertility. It is a time to begin to wake up, and start connecting with your inner child. It is a time to begin to make plans to put in action from our winter slumber and reflection.

You can celebrate this holiday secularly, or religiously. Just research witch of your deities is associated with this time, or these ideas.

In terms of magick, spellwork related to fertility, abundance, love, renewal, and creativity are good for around this time. Some ideas include:

  • Egg magick – eggs represent fertility and new life. It’s a fun time to decorate eggs, and use them in spellwork.

  • Flower magick and herbalism – spring flowers are such a joy! Pick a favorite and see what spells you can whip up. Or, use them on your altar.

  • Rabbit magic and the hare – this animal is traditionally associated with this time. Connecting to this spirit, or befriending the wildlife in your area through offering of safe food scraps, or simply using the imagery when doing a spell could be a fun idea.

Ostara is really the first of spring time festivals, and the next is Beltane. If you’re local to the Savannah area, Cosmic Corner is hosting a Beltane festival, which you can learn more about and register for free here.

I can’t wait to plan and share an Ostara ritual with you all, so make sure to follow us on Instagram to see what fun ideas you can borrow and steal from.

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