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What is Forest Bathing?

With the promise of cooler weather, especially in Cosmic Corners hometown of Savannah, Georgia, the desire for sitting on a balcony while doing homework, or with a good cup of fall-themed tea, strengthens.

The truth is, the chaos of our world hasn’t calmed. As students head back to college, we are slowly realizing the pandemic is very much still here. Parents are finding their kitchens are suddenly classrooms, and entertainment for young-ones is hard to find. Our relationships are still distant and strained.

Whether the leaves around you are turning oranges and yellows or not, chilly breezes may be encouraging you to go for a walk. And you should.

Forest bathing, a Japanese tradition and philosophy, is proven by science to calm and mellow our minds. It’s simple. It’s free. And it doesn’t actually require a forest.

Simply, it is leaving the phone behind, and walking aimlessly. Barefoot on the grass, or with sneakers on. Sand or soil, or even the little weeds between pavement cracks can be the little dose of nature we need. The goal is to open your senses. Take it all in.

Bring the kiddos, and ask them what the see, what they smell, what the clouds look like to them. Ask them if the grass is soft or if the tree leaves are hardening as they fall.

Studies have shown that the effects of forest bathing may be subtle, but over time can have larger effects. Feelings of confusion, anxiety, and even fatigue are eased. The effects can even be felt the next day.

Give forest bathing a try on your street, at the local park, or even on a local trail if you feel adventurous enough. Maybe even on the deck of your house, or by an open window in your apartment. Let us know how forest bathing works for you over on facebook or Instagram @cosmiccornersavannah.

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