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What is Florida Water

Florida Water. You’ve undoubtedly heard it talked about or seen it in your local metaphysical

shop such as Cosmic Corner, but you’ve probably wondered what exactly is it and what does it

do. Here’s a quick breakdown of what Florida Water is, it’s primary uses, and significance in

various traditions.

According to popular understanding, Florida Water is cologne in the same family as Eau de

Cologne, which is French, but unlike the French Eau de Cologne, Florida Water is given a little

more spiciness with lavender and clove as well as using sweet orange as more of a base along

with alcohol than the original citrus scent. Introduced in 1808, Florida Water derives its name

from the state where the Fountain of Youth is said to reside.

Because Florida Water is cologne, of course you can wear it for its appealing scent; however, that

isn’t why many magical practitioners swear by it.

Substitution of Florida Water: You can use Florida Water in lieu of Holy Water as a bath for your

ritual objects. This means things like your ritual knife, candles (please wait until they’re

completely dry to relight them), and other such objects can be bathed prior to or after their use.

The Florida Water is said to remove the heavy vibrations and spiritual muck left behind by strong

work. In that same vein, you can use it to cleanse yourself as well by adding a few drops to your

bath water to help you prepare for a ritual.

So now you have a little bit of an idea of what Florida Water is and what it is typically used for, so

let’s consider it in light of the Hoodoo tradition. Hoodoo because of its ties to strength in the

African-American community had to be keep deeply under wraps, much like Voodun or Santeria.

Because of this, they would repurpose things they found in the household for their mystical uses.

Florida Water is no exception. This popular cologne, easy to find, is used to bless and call on

protection, prosperity, and luck. In the Hoodoo tradition, it is used in rituals such as floor washing

to banish negative energy and bring in luck to a home. It can be used in place of sage as a way

of anointing a home and clearing out bad things. Truth be told, Florida Water has so many uses it

is considered a necessary part of what a magical practitioner will need. However, there are

things you shouldn’t do with Florida Water.

Florida Water, because its primary base is alcohol, should never be left unattended near an open

flame. Candles cleansed with Florida Water should be allowed to dry completely before they are

lit. Also, Florida Water should not be ingested for any reason. It can be put on the skin, but it

should not be put in the mouth because of the essential oils that make it up. On a metaphysical

note, Florida Water is not a cure all. It has many uses, but it is not to be used without intention

and the proper care of a practitioner.

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