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What is Florida Water?

Although Florida Water is mostly used in spiritual practices today, it was invented in 1808 as a unisex cologne. It was the American answer to the original Cologne Water, the scent and name inspired by Florida’s legendary Fountain of Youth.

Florida Water contains a blend of powerful essential oils, including

Bergamot: Prosperity, success Lemon: Purifying, cleansing Neroli: Purification, luck Cloves: Prosperity, protection Cinnamon: Prosperity, protection Lavender: Calming, purifying Rose: Protection, happiness

Florida Water has been an easily accessible and affordable blend available in pharmacies and general stores for over 200 years, making it a popular staple in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria and Wicca practices.

How can I use Florida Water?

There are many ways to put this powerful blend to use in your home and spiritual practice, including:

1. Wiping down items in your home or on your altar to cleanse them of negative energies. 2. Mix Florida Water and salt into your mop bucket before cleaning the floor to cleanse your home of negative energies as you clean. 3. Wear as a cologne for aromatherapy. The calming scents may help to alleviate anxiety and depression. 4. Sprinkle some Florida Water along your windowsills and doorways to protect your home from negative energy. 5. Add a few drops of Florida Water to a bath to rid yourself of negative energy. 6. Wash your hands with Florida Water before a ritual to cleanse your energy and add protective energy. 7. Add a few drops of Florida Water to your ink before writing out a spell. 8. Anoint a black candle with Florida Water for protection or a white candle for cleansing. Florida Water contains alcohol and is very flammable. Make sure to wipe excess Florida Water off and allow the candle to dry completely before lighting. 9. Leave as an offering on your altar for your deities, spiritual guides, or ancestors. 10. Mist your pillow with Florida Water to promote relaxation and repel nightmares.

At Cosmic Corner, we carry Florida Water in a 7.5 oz or 16 oz size here: Florida Water

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