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What is Eclipse Energy?

posted with permission: @alyssa-cheyenne on tumblr

What is the energy of an eclipse?

In ancient times, before we really knew what was happening during an eclipse – imagine the moon turns red. Imagine the sun goes out and you’re bathed in darkness that cools the earth. It was often times a frightening expierence.

And for many today, it is still a frightening expierence. I’ve heard in witchy or spiritual communities that this is no time for spell work, no time for healing work – lest it all be undone.

Much of my personal experience with eclipses started and surrounds astrology, and the mythos of Ketu and Rahu, the head and tail of a dragon that goes through the north and south node of the earth, and every eclipse, intersect and form a circle, loop, or cycle.

That’s why so many people view eclipses as cycles. From one astrologically matching eclipse to the next – for example, this past one was in Scorpio, and might hold energy that began a cycle to be finished at the next Scorpio eclipse. It is the coming together of the head and the tail, the beginning and the end, and connects in an infinite loop. Think of it like the World card in tarot, if you’re familiar.

In my personal experiences, the idea that eclipses take always rings true, even when I wasn’t aware of what was happening. They take friends that no longer serve you, jobs, environments. It can be, and has been for me, extremely painful at times – because you think that person is your best friend. You thought that partner was the one, now you’re stressed because you don’t have a steady income, and every other fear.

But strangely, I have come to love eclipse energy and eclipse time. I don’t connect much to moon cycles, but for some reason, I connect strongly to eclipse energy.

To me, they are one of the strongest forms of cleansing and charging. My crystals and tarot decks and even myself have never felt as wiped pure and clean as they do after an eclipse. The moon water I charged with a solar eclipse is the strongest moon water I’ve ever owned, and works wonders for energy, motivation, and removing things from my life that I no longer want or need.

But also for me, eclipse energy is quite comforting. It is a time for rest, for self-care, for true, deep healing. Meditation. Confronting and talking it out with friends and partners – though sometimes the eclipse forces us to confront and talk it out whether we planned to or not… It may uncomfortable, but there is always a sense of comfort and understanding that comes with the discomfort, like a motherly prescence whispering it’s okay, you’ll get through this, and I’m proud of you for speaking your piece, letting your emotions out, or whatever it may be.

I think a lot of us need that in our lives; we need someone to be proud of us and affirmative when we are sharing our feelings, being vulnerable, and taking charge and putting ourselves first.

I challenge you to sit with the next eclipse, on November 7th and 8th, and see how eclipse energy feels to you. See what it means to you.

You might resonate with what I just said, or you might find it feels very different for you. That’s okay! That’s the beauty of personal association.

If you already know what eclipse energy is to you, go ahead and leave a comment!

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