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What is a Sacred Space?

It’s a new year; hopefully, it’s one that comes with a fresh wind of clarity, or at least the realization that something needs changing. As we’ve all seen since being at home, our spaces directly influence our moods, productivity, and spirits.

Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate a sacred space at the beginning of this year.

Perhaps it’s time to remind yourself, it’s okay to need a space that’s totally yours, that encourages and facilitates a mindset that you desire. Perhaps, it’s time to break down and create your own by changing an environment within your home.

But perhaps, you need some clarity on what a sacred space is.

At Cosmic Corner, our whole point is to help you build your sacred space. We provide functional and decorational items filled with intention, magick, and heart that are meant to meaningfully add to your space.

A sacred space is any area that you deem to be sacred.

The definition of sacred might be different to you. Perhaps sacred means a place where you can worship – whatever belief that may be. Perhaps it means a space where you can totally unwind and be still. Maybe it’s a space where you can create, where you can blow off steam.

Whatever it is that makes you feel fulfilled, the space you do that activity is sacred.

Some of these places are intentionally sought after, like churches, altars within our homes, and so on. But some of them, are unintentionally bringing us closer to fulfillment and our higher selves. A warm bath where we can read a book and forget the world may be more sacred than you think. Or the desk where you work may be sacred as well, as it is a space where you gain material money that provides for you.

Whatever it may be, I encourage you to pick one space to upgrade this month. Follow along with our next blog posts to discover and build the potential, magick, and heart of the space you choose, no matter what it is, and what’s it’s purpose may be.

For now, follow us on Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah for updates on when our next post goes live, and shop around online to get some ideas flowing for your space.

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