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What are Runes? A guide:

Runes are beautiful. They’ve got mythology tied within them, and can be carved onto stones, wood, or other material. Rich in history and meaning, these are a unique divination tool that can connect a practitioner to their roots – and isn’t that we all desire? Connection?

Born out of Norse mythology, runes are more than just Proto-Germanic letters. Each one contains significance. Each one is a symbol of some cosmological principal or higher power. And we can hold that power within our hands.

The magick comes from not only the visual shape of the rune, but also from the sound the rune makes when spoken. Each one invokes different energies and power. Often times symbols of Norse Gods are seen in the tiny etchings or in the name of the rune.

Traditionally carved onto stone or even bones, the power and intention of rune stones can change depending on what element they’re made out of. Runes from the bone of deer may invoke the gentle nature of the deer into readings, whereas when carved onto copper or metal, a fiery action element may come through.

Using runes for divination is similar to that of the tarot cards.

Still, with less runes – 24 or 33 depending on what kind you’re using – they require more interpretation. They’re often known for hinting towards details or answers, but leaving it up to you to connect the dots and find solutions.

This means it probably isn’t best to ask plain and simple yes or no answers.

I mean, the word “rune” literally means mystery, so they have to keep some secrets from you.

And just as with tarot, they are a snapshot of your current reality. If you don’t like the direction the runes are hinting you towards, you have the opportunity to change your fate.

But what I love about the runes is their grounding energy. This may just be a personal association, but there’s an earthiness that comes to me when I think of old Germanic cultures. There’s depth to the energy of runes. They feel protective, but still nurturing. They are like old wise mages that tell you all the answers are within. There’s something so rough but rich about them, it’s truly special.

If you’re now interested in getting in touch with your roots or feeling a deep sense of connection during your readings, here is what I’d recommend:

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