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Using Your Talent To Manifest

Each of us is born with inherent talents specific to us as individuals. There are little things we seem to have knacks for being good at, whether that be reviving dead plants or weaving between cars on the highway, spotting four-leaf clovers in a field or finding that one character that’s different in a long list.

Each of us is born with desires and goals. Things we want to do with ours lives. Some of them are small, like saving up money for a car. Others are big, like building a business. Some are simple, like manifesting a cottage in the country side, and others are complex, like researching and creating a renewable energy source.

But what if our inherent talents were the key to manifesting anything we desired?

There are tons of methods of manifestation, so many to the point where it may feel overwhelming. And to the newcomer, it may feel like this type of magic is impossible. If you’re itching to try, finding the methods that will work best for you may be easier than you think.

The answer, as it always seems to be, is within you.

A writer may have an easier time manifesting by the scribing method, where you write the life you desire in utter detail in present tense, focusing on the specific feelings that life will bring you.

A gardener may find planting seeds with intention, and nurturing those seeds with water, sunlight, and fertilizer may be the key to mirror the moves they make in daily life that bring them towards their goals. They may find that if it’s a vegetable, then eating that food will bring the intention and power within them.

Someone good with design may try a vision board or feng shui. An artist may paint. A cook may use foods and spices that correspond with their intentions.

Someone who enjoys weaving through traffic may visualize their destination as their goal, and with each car they pass, each light they stop and wait at, as overcoming the obstacles that will bring them to their goal.

It all depends on you. Ask yourself what you are good at, what you enjoy. Then, ask yourself how you can transform that into a method of manifestation. Bringing some form of talent that feels easy into your manifestation routine can make the law of attraction work just as effortlessly, and it will be more powerful since it contains your essence.

Next in our manifestation lineup this month is getting to the bottom of figuring out what you really want.

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