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Unintended Consequences of Spell Work

Sometimes when we write spells, or even copy or alter some from the internet, we get so wrapped up in our intention that we forget to consider all the things that might happen – unintentionally – when we finally cast that spell.

Now, not all unintended consequences are bad. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are particularly miniscule, other times they cause a bit of an inconvenience.

For example, I recently created a sleep sachet to aid in having deeper sleep and more vivid dreams. Since the first night of putting it behind my bed, I knew it worked. I fell asleep quickly and with ease. But…I also almost slept through the whole next day, coming in and out of sleep, trying to go back to my dreams.

Even now, a week or two later, it has become increasingly hard to wake up. It’s my spell wanting me to fall into a deep slumber. I work from home, so at the end of the day this isn’t the worst issue to have, but I can see it causing problems for other people.

So how do we prevent these unintended consequences?

Think through your spell.

If you’re doing a sleep or love spell (or any), think of every possibility that might come of this. I should’ve been able to guess a deep sleep spell would possibly make my sleep so deep it was hard to wake up in the morning.

Think of what you’re giving up by preforming the spell.

Think of how you might be able to prevent certain things from happening, both mundane and magickally.

Setting up multiple alarms, just in case? Probably a good idea for deep sleep spells. Actively putting hanging out with, calling, or texting your friends on your calendar when preforming a deeper connection spell with a partner, also probably a good idea. Applying protections to yourself and those you care about when preforming a hex or jinx?* Yeah, you probably should.

Sometimes you can’t know until after the spell though, and then can alter the spell and recast.

Maybe I won’t layer on my better sleep sachet and my better sleep linen spray at the same time, unless I really need it. Maybe you won’t put as many crystals or strong herbs that you have powerful connections with into that jar or sachet or candle. Maybe you’ll be clearer and add a catch-22 to your intention next time.

Spell casting and witchery is always a journey and learning process. Don’t be too upset with yourself if a spell had unintended consequences – we can try our hardest, do our best, and sometimes things still happen. Use it as a learning experience and a fun opportunity to recast your spell!

*At Comic Corner Savannah, we do not condone the casting of spells on others without their consent, and do not condone hexs, jinxs, or curses; we cannot be held liable for any actions taken based on our creative content or the products we carry.

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