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Types of Sacred Spaces

In my personal life, I have so many places that are sacred to me. The forest I explored as a childhood, befriending the tree spirits, is sacred in a completely different way than say, my altar. And both of those are different than the sacred space that is my bed.

The thing is, there can be many different types of sacred spaces.

Some are what you’d expect, and are sacred due to religion, spiritual belief, or practice.

This includes churches, temples, altars, and the rooms or spaces where you meditate or cast spells. They’re buzzing with divine energy, connecting you on the physical realm to something higher.

But there’s also sacred spaces that are about self-care.

My bed is where I write my best stories, read when I feel like I need to pause, and where curl up when I need comfort. It’s where I sleep. I make sure to make this mundane space feel sacred by purchasing high quality sheets, changing them often, and not eating or drinking in bed (lest the crumbs get everywhere).

And lastly, there are sacred spaces that are more about the connections made there.

The woods, for example: I connected with my inner child. But the Savannah Airport, where I met my boyfriend in person for the first time, may be sacred. The back patio of my childhood house, where I held monthly bonfires in high school, is sacred because it’s where my and friends grew closer. A tiny lake house in Oklahoma is sacred because it’s where me and my family bonded over hot, dry summers.

Any place can be sacred.

Sometimes it’s because the space has the intention to be sacred, or special – like your altar or maybe the desk where you create your art, or the temple down the road. But sometimes sacred spaces are made sacred by normal human interaction and human experience.

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