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Trusting Your Intuition: Timing and Holidays

While the digital world seems to only focus on certain events, astrological, astronomical, or seasonal, it is important to remember that your intuition will tell you which events are truly important for you, or for your practice.

Last night, the world waited, peering up at the sky whether with their own chins face up or through a live stream, waiting for shooting stars to appear just directly off the tail of Scorpio’s constellation. And our hopes weren’t quite satisfied – personally, I only saw a streak or two flash by, but the Italian astronomer either didn’t notice, or didn’t think it was related to the possible meteor shower.

I saw only a little about it online. Nothing on Instagram, barely anything on Witchblr – and I had to Google the articles to find out where to look in the sky.

The world was very much focused on the Gemini new moon instead. The dedicated monthly posts came out, interpretations (which were wildly different depending on source, this time), and so did the journal prompts and ritual ideas.

Yet I was focused more on the possibility of shooting stars.

That’s because not every event the world focuses on is impactful to every single person. Some new moons or full moons feel more powerful and hit differently. Some go by and I’m barely noticing a difference in my mood or actions, while other times *cough* this past solar eclipse, *cough* everything came crumbling down just the way the stars said it would.

I didn’t feel anything too intensely from the Gemini New moon, whose energy is still in effect as I write this – unless me staying up until three am with a sudden burst of writing inspiration counts.

But I was more drawn to, again, this possibility of a meteor storm, raining shooting stars across the sky.

I would say lean into your intuition when it comes to things like this.

There may be an unappreciated holiday, from your personal culture or personal associations, that no one talks about. You may be excited for a completely different event than another practitioner. You may feel it differently than them.

But if you’re drawn to celebrate something, if you’re feeling an energy that wants to be addressed, if you’re feeling the urge to do a spell or ritual or simply look up into the sky on any given day…follow your intuition.

Shooting stars have always been important in my personal practice, though they are rare. I learned last night I cannot go looking for them – that is surely a lesson just for me.

I’ve tried forcing myself into participating in the sabbats, if only to try them out, but find that most of them don’t resonate at all with me.

Much of the time, this is our practices slowly unfolding themselves to us, leading us where we need to at that moment.

Trust your intuition; trust what you’re drawn to in terms of celebrations, holidays, astrological events, spellwork and ritual timing. That’s when the result or the mediation or the discovery or the feeling will be the most powerful.

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