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Too Many Jars: Minimalism and Witchcraft

I looked up at my shelf yesterday and found an endless supply of jars, all filled with water of some sort. I hadn’t touched any of them in months – maybe some in even a year. Then my minimalism brain kicked in.

Jars are useful within the craft in a multitude of ways; they’re used in jar spells, in holding various herbs and ingredients, storing precious waters infused with moonlight, and some with smaller openings are used as candlestick holders. But there comes a time where we just have more than we need or know what to do with.

You know you have too many jars if you can’t remember what spell that jar contains or if so many aren’t labeled you can’t remember what kind of water is in them. The jars may be too big if you can’t go through that amount of ingredient within a reasonable amount of time – this is personal, as all of us practice in different amounts and speeds.

Be mindful of what you’re collecting and using.

If you’re gathering full moon water just because it’s the full moon, and not because you have an intention to use it in a release spell or bath, then why bother collecting it? I had about four different mason jars, all filled with rain water, when I don’t use rain water often in my spellwork. Do you really need a pound of rose petals if you don’t know what you’re going to use them for?

If you find that you have too many resources, there are kind and productive ways to dispose or use them up while remaining magickal.

I watered all the plants around the house with the rain water that day, allowing my plants to soak up some added minerals. Extra ingredients may be safely composted, cooked with, or given to other witches. Then, the jars themselves can be donated or recycled.

Always remember to be mindful of the objects and amount of objects you bring into your practice. Make sure they’re meaningful to you and that you’ll use them. This spiritual practice should always about you, your intention, and your magick. Not the magick within other objects.

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