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Too Many Jars: Herb Edition

Remember a long time ago when we talked about why you shouldn’t hoard jars? That time, those jars were holding water. It’s been two years, I’m interested in different things, but the damn jars are back – this time filled with herbs and flowers.

Here’s the thing: I’m interested in green witchcraft and herbalism. So yeah, it makes sense to have a lot of jars, right? Some of them are filled with loose leaf tea, like lavender buds and robios. But others are filled with foraged yarrow. That only comes around once a year, so I have to stock up on it, right?

The answer is, yes, for herbs you know you’re going to use, whether that’s to drink or in spell work, or if you want to practice foraging (do not ingest anything if you aren’t 1000000% sure of its identification) and using local vegetation in your practice, by all means. Keep the jars full of herbs.

But then there’s my jar filled with sunflower petals, rose petals, tulip petals, daisy heads. All of these are from florists, meaning, I shouldn’t be ingesting them, or even really putting them in my baths. That’s because many florists flowers, or even those from grocery stores, have chemicals and pesticides on them, from growing, to harvesting.

I haven’t touched those in months anyway.

As always, the message is the same. If you’re gonna use it, or it has strong sentimental value, keep it. If it’s just there taking up space, use it or get rid of it.

But let me also remind you, your threshold may be different than mine. I like minimalism, I don’t like visual clutter, and I don’t like things that aren’t really functional. I definitely don’t fit with traditional pagan, witch, or spiritual aesthetics. But if you prefer an apothecary, witchy vibe, like collecting, or just use a lot more of whatever material you’re hoarding…then that makes sense for you.

This should serve as a gentle reminder to re-evaluate your practice, and see what’s going on. Maybe you hoard candles – I know I hold onto chime candles, always afraid to actually use them in case I need them for something “more important” later. Maybe you have a bunch of crystals you no longer use, or altar cloths, or whatever it may be.

Take a look at what you need and want in your practice right now. And don’t be afraid to use your materials. Don’t be afraid to trade with friends if you’re not using something. And don’t be afraid to put something in storage for a little bit to see if you’ll miss it.

This has been your friendly minimalist witch, overwhelmed by jars, yet again. Do tell us over on Instagram what witchy thing you seem to hoard.

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