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Tips for your Reset: Energetic and Practical

You’re tired. Your head feels foggy. And nothing seems to be going your way. It’s time for a reset.

First, pick a day or a time to do your reset. On a practical sense, studies show that we’re more likely to be successful in our resets if we do them on firsts – first day of the week, or the month. Spiritually, Monday’s are good for resets, along with full moons and new moons.

Once you’ve picked out a day, here’s some ideas on what to do.

1. Take a shower

We have a full post on shower rituals here! While in the shower, or a bath if you have time, visualize yourself surrounded by light. Imagine the negative, old, or stagnant energy being washed away. Use shampoos or bath bombs with scents that correlate with cleansing.

2. Do some cleaning

Sweep, tidy, and organize. Not only is this good for you and your home on a practical level, it can have magick in it too. Sweeping away old dust bunnies releases old energy. Wiping down the counters with some rosemary wash will help bring clarity and focus.

3. Write, draw…be creative

Write out how you’ve been feeling, and possibly why you’ve been feeling this way. Draw it out, sing it out, whatever feels right. You can also write down some goals, and if you’re feeling up to it, how you can achieve them!

4. Pause

Meditate, sit and look out a window, or do something that turns your mind off. With the chaos of life around us, it can be hard to figure out exactly where we are. Allow yourself some time and space to breath. To come back to earth and yourself. You may find more clarity and messages in the space where you do nothing than you realize.

What do you do for your energetic and practical resets? Let us know on Facebook!

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