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Three Witchy Mother's Day Ideas

Mother’s day may have been created for commercial reasons, but the essence of it – of celebrating mothers and all the work they do – is worth a special day.

Whether your mother is on the same spiritual path as you or not, there are many ways to spirituality and magickly recognize and celebrate Mother’s Day. We’ve got 3 for you today:

1. Abundance & good health Spell

We often wish the world for our mother or our mother figures. What better way to thank them than to cast an abundance or good luck spell in their favor. If they’re okay with it, of course. It can be a simple as lighting a candle (a closet-witch friendly method), or as elaborate as involving them in the ritual.

2. Honor Mother Nature too

Afterall, the earth is our one true mother. You could simply host your Mother’s Day activities outside in the fresh air, place some flowers on an altar to honor both your mother and mother earth, or go as far as taking some time to clean up litter or garden on Mother’s Day.

3. Gratitude Gifts

It’s always wonderful to express gratitude. It surrounds you and the person you’re thanking with so much positive energy, sending both you and the person love and abundance. Consider putting magickal gratitude energy into gifts like a jar of 50-100 reasons you love your mother, writing gratitude lists in a handmade card, or anything of that nature.

What are your plans this Mother’s Day? Let us know either on Facebook or Instagram @CosmicCornerSavannah

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