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Three Tips for Dream Magick

Did you know that around Yule time, our dreams can become more intense and vivid?

It makes sense to me, I mean, it is supposed to be the season of rest. In that time of rest, we are able to release worries and connect more with the divine we believe in – and often times, they come through dreams.

Hidden in these dreams are symbols, messages, and spiritual figures. I’ve always had vivid dreams, and some dreams have come with very blunt, clear-cut messages. Other times, it’s more symbolic.

If you’re interested in receiving messages this way, here are three tips for dream magick:

This is my tride and true for dream magick. I picked out my first crystal, an amethyst cluster, on a trip to Canada. Since then I’ve slept with it beside me, and it helps qualm nightmares so that only the true messages can get through – not the ones of fear.

2. Sleep spray for linens and pillows

Just plain old good for better, deeper sleep, is a linen spray. We have a recipe to one here that I love. You can also charm a store bought one just the same. Spray just before bed, or spray your linens when they come out of the laundry as you fold and store them.

3. Talk about dreams

We’ve all heard to write down our dreams, but sometimes life is too busy for that. I write a quick summary in my notes app on my phone, or I text a friend. It has the same affect!

Even just discussing dreams in any way can help them come to us more often. Ask a friend about what their best dream has been, or if they’ve ever lucid dreamt. Opening a conversation about the sleeping realm will surely open your mind to having experiences there.

4. Actually Research their meaning

Sometimes we wake up from a dream and ask ourselves what the hell did that mean? And that’s okay. Sometimes dreams are weird and truly don’t make any sense.

If you don’t immediately or intuitively know what something in your dream meant, look it up! Look it up in lots of different websites and sources to truly know. It might make more sense afterwards than you thought.

How often do you dream? Let us know over on Instagram!

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