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Three Signs You're a Witch

There are plenty of signs that you’re a witch, the main being that you want to be one. But if you’re looking for some confirmation, here are three things associated with springtime, and knowing that you’re a witch.

The first is that you feel super refreshed as spring takes over.

And like, on a different level. Spring to me feels both like there’s energy in the air, but there’s also an overwhelming peace. The plants and flowers and tree leaves that have given me comfort for years are finally coming back! If there’s a true sense of safety, peace, and inspiration you get from the plants, you may be a witch.

You feel like there’s always something to celebrate

The bulbs coming out of the ground, the sun in the summer, the minnows in the creek, the autumn leaves turning colors! One of the best things about being a witch is that you can pick your own holidays, and how many you want! Even every day of the week can celebrate something, like a deity or a planet. You can borrow from the traditional sabbats, or you can create your own. There’s always something to celebrate, so celebrate!

Lastly, spring time feels like the best time to clean and get started on projects.

Energetically, that’s what spring is associated with! Spring cleaning, both mentally and physically – maybe even do a little ritual for yourself – and using the energy of new growth to set goals and get started on those projects. If it feels deeper than just your traditional “spring cleaning,” it may be a sign that you have a deep connection to earth’s natural cycles, which is a sign of being a witch.

How many of these signs do you resonate with? Comment below!

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