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Three Easy Ways to Manifest Money

Whether we’re ba-humbugs or not…we have to face it. The holiday season is upon us – though, this information applies year-round. It’s always nice to have some extra cash to spend on our loved ones, and ourselves around this time of year.

Which means it’s a great time to work on manifesting money. I’ve got my three favorite ways to manifest money, whether it’s actively or passively.

However, here’s a quick disclaimer: results will vary depending on the person, and most the time manifestation requires some sort of action on your part as well.

1. Mala Bead Affirmations

Maybe it’s just me, but working with mala beads to repeat affirmations is so powerful. I simply run one finger over a bead at a time, saying an affirmation for each bead. That means the same affirmation gets repeated a bunch of times, and usually gets me into a meditative state by doing so.

For money, I’d recommend “I am wealthy” or “Money comes to me easily.”

I do mine right before bed or right when I wake up, when I’m still pretty sleepy and it’s easier for me to get into that meditative state.

2. Golden Dollar Bill

This is a passive way to manifest. Simply get yourself some fake money paper, or a fancy golden bill if you’d like, and put it in your purse or wallet.

Before you do so though, I’d recommend meditating with it while focusing on your desires, or charging it with intention in your preferred method.

Then, it will work on its own, subconsciously. Every time you open your purse or wallet, you may be reminded that you are protected and that money is on its way.

A good affirmation for this one is “every time I spend money it comes back three fold.” Or “every time I spend money, I receive more back.”

3. Bath Ritual Meditations

I’ve spoken about this before, but the Suce$$ Ritual Bath Salt is ah-ma-zing. I used mine in a warm bath, focusing on manifesting a job opportunity that would help me pay off car debt and build my savings. And it worked basically in two days.

It smells amazing, can be used in the bath or shower depending on how much time you have, and is overwhelmingly relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Best of wishes to you all this season and all year round, and best of luck with your money manifestations. You deserve it! You can shop all these products and more focused on manifesting money here.

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