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Things to make for Lughnasadh that aren't bread.

Lughnasah was the first “witchy” sabbat I every celebrated. I consider myself a secular practitioner, and I pretty much used it as an excuse to bake bread for the first time ever, but it started a love for the holiday. To me, it is an exciting reminder that fall is almost here, and a giant excuse to bake.

This year – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – I don’t exactly want to bake bread. So I’m coming up with alternative menus to still feel like I’m celebrating the season and happily expecting fall, without having to let dough sit out overnight.

Here are a few different alternative menus:

Please note that I am a white American woman. So, these menus are all American at their core. If you have any suggestions or changes, the comments are open. I would love to hear what’s traditional in your culture!

Traditional American

Cornbread – it’s an easier alternative to bread, and a box of Jiffy mix at the grocery store is less than $1 and can have extra butter, honey, and herbs added to it if you want to include some sabbat magic.

Barbecue – summer isn’t quite over, and this is a perfect item to make in mass if you’re planning on having a Lammas bonfire.

Fried Okra – celebrate in season veggies with a traditional southern favorite, okra. The fried kind. If you’re in Savannah Georgia, I recommend Savannah Smokehouse’s fried okra if you’d rather just pick some up.

Corn on the cob and green beans – again, celebrating the veggies that are in season. Season with your favorite herbs and spices, or those that correspond to any magic you’re working. Corn chowder, anyone?

Blackberry desserts – muffins, pancakes for breakfast, compote on pudding, cobblers! Can you tell I have a sweat tooth? Blackberry bushes grow rampant and wild where I live; if it’s the same where you live, this is a perfect time to harvest any thorns or branches from the blackberry bush to use in protection spells before winter.

Asian Inspired

Bao Buns – These take a couple hours and still have that bread feel, but not nearly as long as traditional breads. Traditionally filled with custards or red-bean paste, these can act as dessert…or, stuffed with ground pork and in season veggies they can be a delicious, sharable main course. Add in any herbs and spices.

Dumplings – easy to purchase at the store if you’re feeling low-energy, or if you’re feeling brave, you can make them at home! Fill with in season veggies. These are super shareable as well.

Honey Garlic Pork Chops (Or Chicken) – Honey screams end of summer and fall to me. Glaze pork or chicken with honey, pepper, and garlic for a delicious main dish.

Rice – Rice is about abundance just as much as wheat is! In some areas, it may be a little early for rice harvest. But in others, harvest season has literally just started.

Mexican Inspired

Fresh Salsa - made from the tomatoes and peppers you grew in your garden or from the farmers market (or grocery store, let's be honest), homemade salsa is perfect for infusing with intention

Homemade Tortillas - try your hand with either corn or flour tortillas!

Italian Inspired

Pasta - Listen, I've always wanted to try making my own pasta. This would be the perfect time! Experiment with different shapes, or types of grains.

Homemade Sauce - start from scratch with as many veggies and tomatoes that were locally grown as possible (or from the grocery store).

Pizza - Sarah Therese makes an exciting looking sourdough pizza that is fun to decorate with kiddos who are of age

Focaccia or garlic bread - one is made from scratch and is super easy, not taking nearly as long as traditional breads, and the other can be bought frozen (Texas Toast, yes please), or made with some bakery-bought bread and some produce.

I hope those inspired you to look at different foods than just bread! Not all of us have the time or energy for beautiful bread making, or just aren’t feeling it this year.

If your culture has any other delicious foods and feasts that could go along with this holiday, go ahead and share them in the comments. Here at Cosmic Corner, we love celebrating everyone.

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