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The Spiritual Meaning of Spring

We’ve just come out of winter, which is a time for rest, relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. It’s a time to take care of ourselves and begin to build up our energy, and reflect on what worked, and what didn’t.

But now, the green is starting to come back, the flowers are budding – it’s tulip season, my personal favorite flower – and I can feel the energy of the world slowly come back.

You may know spring as the time of rebirth and renewal. It’s traditionally seen as a good time to plant “seeds,” literally or spiritually, for intentions that you want to build and work on during the spiritual summer. And these things still ring true.

It’s a good time to set intentions based on your reflections, like deciding to work towards getting a new job that fulfills your soul better, or beginning that hobby you’ve been wanting to start.

But to me, spring is about clearing space, and planning. Yes, we’re starting to build up energy, and it’s time to start working on projects again, but we’ve got to have a clean house to start. I’ve written previously on spring cleaning your spiritual practice, and I still believe in it. We have to spring clean our lives – remove day-to-day objects that no longer serve our vision, remove and let go of spiritual teachings or beliefs that no longer serve us, and even take inventory of our friends, families, partnerships, finances, everything. And clean it. Organize it.

Then, it’s time to plan. Have you ever tried to plan a garden? Or even a new business? It’s around this time gardeners everywhere are anxiously waiting to start planting, and they’re planning what crops or fruits or veggies are going to go where on their land. Even floral blooms need to be planned in the space. Then, as spring continues, they begin to follow this plan.

It’s a good time now to plan something out in detail. A move, a career change, a garden, the makeover of your bedroom. Whatever it is. It’s a good time plan. It’s the perfect time to plan spiritually where you want to go, what skills you want to learn. That sort of thing. It’s a goal-setting kind of time of year, and it’s a planning time of year.

To me, this step – getting clear on what you want, and where you want to go, and then planning how to get there – is one of the most important. It just so happens that this the time of year the energy really starts to build and give us the momentum to do so.

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