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The Spiritual Meaning of Snow

While it doesn’t snow much at Cosmic Corner in Savannah Georgia, we’ve got community members from across the country that experience wintery mixes and if they’re lucky, a bit of snow. In case you didn’t know, my name is Erica, Cosmic Corners Astrologist, and I run the blog. Where I am up in Maryland, we’ve just had out first snowfall of the season.

Leading up to Christmas we’ve been talking about wintery décor items and their spiritual meaning, but what about something iconic to winter rather than just the holidays? What about snow?

Snow is sparkling, beautiful, and silent. It’s made of water, so it connects to all the same spiritual meanings of water; it represents feelings, divine feminine energy, and so on and so forth.

It is one of the purest substances to cleanse and purify with, due to its lightness in not just color but weight.

It’s perfect to melt into snow water and cleanse crystals in, charge amulets, or add to a bath to cleanse yourself.

It can also be used to freeze situations and things. Whether you want an argument to cease, a person out of your life, or anything that requires gentle letting go, snow is the perfect ingredient in rituals and spells.

A personal interpretation includes the idea of snow being silent. If you need some quiet relaxation or peace, or just want things to settle a bit, silent snow may be able to help.

If you don’t have access to snow where you are because of a warmer climate, or if you need some in the peak of summer, here are some ideas:

1. Snow globes

Use a snow globe as a stand in for snow water or snow! Objects hold the power and intention we give them, so if you need the snow in that globe to act as regular snow, it will.

2. Ice & Crushed Ice

Whether you shave it by had or simply buy bags of crushed ice, these are both nice substitutes for snow.

3. Freezer Spells

Doing spell work in the fridge or freezer, or leaving a completed spell in the freezer, may help dust it with some frost and really work as normal snow would.

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