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The Seven Archangels

One of my favorite resin incenses at cosmic corner is the seven archangels’ incense. It smells heavenly. But what are the seven archangels represented in that incense? What do the seven archangels do? This past month, we’ve been discovering how to work with angels and what they can help us out with. But now we’ll cover some of the most popular archangels.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, justice, and peace. Particularly, he is protection from chaos of evil. They say he is also the angel of protection during travel in vehicles – and I’ve had experience with this. They say you will know it’s Michael talking to you if you hear, short, direct phrases from a male voice in your head.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the archangel of healing. He is not only a helper to those who need healing, but he helps those who use their gifts to heal – whether it’s nurses or doctors or therapists, or even spiritual healers. He works to help restore harmony and peace in the body and the world.

Archangel Gabriel

This archangel is traditionally known as the “messenger of God.” Meaning, he can help connect you to higher realms, send spiritual messages to loved ones, and the like. He helps writers, singers, teachers, journalists…anyone who has a divine gift to share. Similarly to Mercury, he also helps us communicate better with each other, and can help with channels of communication like social media.

Archangel Jophiel

If you need help seeing the beauty in life around you, call upon this archangel. This angel will help bring organization to chaos, help you see the magic and beauty of life, and help you with your artists endeavors. Painters, drawers, animators…this is your angel. And, Jophiel will help tame your ego as you go.

Archangel Ariel

This angel is tasked with protection of the earth, the environment, and the animals. She helps heal the wounded animals, bring peace on earth, and will encourage you to take care of the earth, whether that’s by picking up litter, or advocating through environmental education. She is also sometimes associated with watching over the moon, sun, and the planets as well.

Archangel Azreal

This angel is a kind angel responsible for helping souls cross on. This angel often guides them across the dimensions to offer their soul a final resting place. In the same way, this angel is helpful to call upon during ego deaths, during times of big transition, spiritual or physical, or anytime you feel like you are being reborn.

Archangel Chamuel

If you often lose your keys, this angel can help. Chamuel at the surface level helps find lost items, find lifes purpose, friends, a good job, and other similar things. But on a larger scale, this angel is helpful for protecting the earth from low vibrations in general. Chamuel assists in giving courage when we feel we have none left, and is there for those facing adversity.

Which angel do you think is calling to you? Leave a comment below! Or, learn how to work with the archangels here.

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