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The Meaning of Being In Alignment

There is an idea within the spiritual community about being in alignment with the universe. Blogs are scattered with posts about ways to tell if you’re in alignment, ways to get in alignment, and so on. But no one seems to explain what the term alignment even means.

For beginners, the idea of being in alignment is so important – confusing at the beginning of your journey, but still important.

Simply put, being in alignment means you’re on the right path. It means that your actions and thoughts in your daily life progress you towards your “higher purpose,” or what you truly want to do with your life.

The word itself creates a visual of a straight line. Think of the beginning of your life on one end of the line, and your life’s goal, purpose, or work at the other end. Your daily actions should form dots on that line – though in reality, the line can be curled or swirly, but you get the picture.

So, other phrases that mean the same thing as “being in alignment” would be being on the right track, headed the right direction, or being on the right path.

It’s not really that lofty of an idea, and doesn’t take hard work to achieve – chances are, just by reading this post, your currently shifting into alignment, or already are doing the right thing.

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