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The Magick of Winter and Snow

Like many of you, I’m currently out of town for the holidays. I packed my suitcase, leaving early Christmas Morning, and flew across the country to the state of Idaho – and no, I’m not on farmland, but rather nestled in a valley between snow covered mountains where the road is completely ice.

It snowed all Christmas, and the next day, and I watched through the window in childlike awe as I spent time with my boyfriend’s family. I’ve slept practically twelve hours a day since being here, taking every opportunity to nap or sleep in.

And honestly, it has truly showed me the magick and the meaning of winter and yule season.

It is dark, and below ten degrees (for someone who grew up in Maryland and spent a few years in Georgia, no amount of layering is enough), and there is no reason to go out and do something.

And for the first time in my life, I have actually taken advantage of it. Sleeping. Hot chocolate. Resting. Letting my mind not think of productivity.

When they say winter has an association of rest, this is what they mean. When they say winter magick is meant to be restorative, this is what they mean.

I know a lot of the times we don’t have time to rest. We spend holidays with family and that can be stressful on a multitude of levels. I remember when a young teen and having parents that didn’t quite understand that I too, needed a nap and some time to just binge Netflix. A lot of us only have a certain amount of holiday time off of work, and have to spend it doing so many other things.

But if this light, powdery snow has taught me anything, it’s that we need to carve out that time for ourselves. We deserve to use the winter time as an excuse to give ourselves rest.

Try and carve out a weekend this winter to spent time alone, or with loved ones that don’t cause you stress.

When we have to go back to work, maybe set the boundary of lunch hour is for lunch, and go to a coffee shop where no one recognizes you, and decompress for an hour.

The earth is quiet right now for a reason. Let’s take advantage of it, and use it as an excuse to be quiet and restful too.

I hope everyone’s yule and Christmas seasons have gone well, and am excited to go into the new year with you all!

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