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the April 30th Solar Eclipse in Taurus, 2022

If you haven’t heard already, on April 30th we will face 2022’s first solar eclipse – this one is in Taurus, with the “Nodes of Fate” in both Taurus and Scorpio.

Just as a reminder, eclipses can usually be felt up to six weeks before and after the actual date of the event, meaning there might have been energy building since the beginning of March. Also, eclipses are usually times (subtle or not) that bring about great change by removing something from our lives in order to clear space for something better.

Take a look in your personal chart to see where Taurus and Scorpio lie to get a better since of where this going to affect you the most.

For example, Taurus is in my second house, and there have been many changes to my finances and income in the past month, many of which feel very of out my control. But Scorpio lies in my 8th house, so I’ve also had the opportunity to become clearer on my goals, and have made real connections with my friends.

Then, see where the sun is in your personal chart as well. If you’re a pisces, this solar eclipse is happening in the 3rd house of communication, meaning it’s time to get talking – to the universe, to others, or sharing your ideas and creative dreams.

There was also a recent are conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, while Jupiter and Neptune lie in Pisces. Think one in a life-time wishes, magickal cowinky dinks, and new opportunities with love and creativity.

So while this eclipse might bring upheaval to some of us, it definitely is a good thing, and the stars are telling us they are opening doors for something so much better. It’s a good time to really sit and reflect on your goals and dreams, and find that balance between surrender and action to make those dreams come true.

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