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The 4 ways to cleanse a space

There are as many space cleansing methods as there are people who cleanse a space. Bellow I’ve listed a few of my favorite methods.

1) Smoke Cleansing 

You may have heard this method under the moniker “Smudging” and, if you have Native American roots and training this is exactly the word to use! However, if you haven’t been taught this method by someone who is Native American, I recommend “Smoke Cleansing” instead. This involves lighting incense, herbs, and/or resins in a fire proof bowl or abalone shell to create smoke and wafting that smoke with either your hand or a (responsibly sourced) feather around your space, typically in a counter-clockwise direction. 

2) Sound Cleansing

This is an easy and often free method of cleansing a space. Sing, clap your hands, laugh, read uplifting poetry, play inspiring music, or use a bell or signing bowl and imagine the sound pushing out the stale energy to let fresh new energy into your space. 

3) Visualization Cleansing

Another free method! Simply sit in the middle of the space and use your minds eye to cleanse it. Imagine the space as it is, whether it’s full of nasty energy in your minds eye or just a bit dusty, then imagine it becoming clean! You can visualize the unwanted energy being sucked into the Earth where Mother Earth can transmute it into positive energy or being blown out a window, or you can condense it all into a little ball and hand it off to a spirit guide, angel, or deity. 

4) Physical Cleansing

This is recommended to do in conjunction with any other method as it really helps you get all the nooks and crannies of a space clean. Take things out of drawers and dust them, run a clean cloth over every item in the space, wash the floor (Tip: Use a little Florida Water in your mop water. It smells heavenly and is full of cleansing botanicals), even wipe down your walls if you can. Objects have their own energies and can interfere with your space cleansing if they also need help! 

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