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Tarot versus Astrology

The two often go hand in hand. Tarot readings usually mention people of certain signs, or astrological energy. And vice versa, astrologist can often reference the energies of different tarot cards to add dimension to a reading.

However, the uses of tarot and astrology don’t always overlap. Going to one or the other about a certain question can make a difference in the answer you receive.

Astrology is big, overarching energy.

The planets move quite slowly. It takes the moon a whole month to do a full rotation around the earth. If you have questions about the overall trend, energy, or movement of an entire area of your life, astrology is the way to go.

Astrology also offers more personalized specifics when it comes to your personality and patterns. Your ticks and gifts are clearly laid out in a map – and skilled astrologists can connect the tiniest dots together that open your eyes. If your curious about your life long journey, astrology will help.

Tarot deals with specific situations.

The cards you pull can change day to day. Every little choice we make in life can cause a chain reaction that alters the outcome of a situation. Therefore, tarot is best suited to answer questions about specific problems within different areas of our lives. The cards will give a perfect snapshot of that tiny moment, and offer advice on what the next step is.

Again, when it comes to personality and self-discovery, the tarot is best suited for working out an issue happening in that moment in time. It can, however, be easier to read and digest than looking at a complex birth chart.

The two are used for the same purpose: self-realization and working through problems in our everyday lives. Both offer advice and are great tools for getting out of our heads and adding clarity. Still, sometimes one is better suited to give better advice than the other, depending on what the question or goal is.

If you’re interested in getting a reading done, check out our appointments page. Tarot is offered year round, and astrology is offered seasonally.

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