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Tarot Tip: The Suits and their Elements

Previously, we’ve tackled so easy ways to learn the tarot cards, because all 78 at once can be overwhelming. If your intuition hasn’t quite kicked in, we’ve got a tip for you to get the hang of the cards: mastering the 4 elements and what they mean.

The tarot deck is made up of major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana have no element directly associated with them as a whole – each one has a separate element attached to the individual card. However, we’re going to focus on the minor arcana today.

The minor arcana is made up of four suits, and lucky for us, those four suits correlate to the four elements. This can be a surefire way to boost your intuition and jog memory if you can’t quit get the meaning of a card.

Pentacles are associated with Earth.

That means all things about life here on earth. Work, school, and money are the biggest ones. It deals with things physically in front of us, including objects and people.

Cups are associated with Water.

Water deals with emotions, good or bad. It includes all things creative, lovey-dovey, and emotional. It is usually an indicator of how we’re feeling emotionally. These cards almost always deal with relationships involving two people, romantic or platonic.

Wands are Fire.

This element is all about action and ideation. These cards can indicate projects that you have in the works, bursts of inspiration, or the steps you need to take to accomplish something. These cards can also indicate anger and conflict, as fire is usually associated with these things. See what other cards are in the spread, or consider what the question asked was.

Swords are all about air.

Swords are mental energy. It is our thoughts, our words, our communication, and our fears. These can be depicted as some of the colder cards in the deck. They deal with thinking, anxieties, and logic. They can indicate something that is going on in the querents head and mind, rather than what is actually happening in physical reality.

Thake this into consideration the next time you pick up your deck. It may add another layer of helpful information and guidance.

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