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Tarot Tip: Draw One (Tarot For Beginners)

With 78 cards in one deck and a different meaning tied to each of them, it can be overwhelming and stressful to learn them all. But we’ve got you covered. There’s a lot of ways you can learn tarot without devoting hours at a time – unless you want to!

One of the easiest things to do is at the beginning of every day, or in the evening, shuffle your deck with the question: what will today/tomorrow bring for me?

Shuffle until you feel ready, of if you use cards that “jump” out, pick up the first one that drops.

First, use your intuition. Look at the image and ask yourself what stands out to you. Is it a super small symbol in the background, is a certain color standing out, or just the action of the character? If it’s a symbol or a color, pull on your past experiences or personal associations to help you figure out what the message is – this will help you learn to use your intuition and apply yourself to your readings. Because at the end of the day, it isn’t all about knowing each meaning inside and out.

Second, grab the book that comes with the deck. Find the card and read its description and meaning. Look back and forth between what’s written and the card in front of you, and find the symbols it’s telling you about. See if the book offers any additional messages.

And thirdly, tie it all back to the question. Sometimes a description in a book can be useful, or the symbolism standing out to you can be obvious, but it might not exactly answer your question – not at first glance. Sometimes the cards don’t answer you, and that’s okay. But when it’s a simple question like how will my day go, the answer is usually there. If it’s a court card, do you know someone who fits that description? You may see them. Is it a major arcana? Tomorrow could bring some reflection and realization found in the mundane.

As you do this every day, different cards will drop, and you’ll slowly learn each of the cards.

Pull one today, and comment down below what you pick, and what you can learn from it!

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