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Tarot Decks to Add To Your Wishlist

I’ve pretty much decided collecting tarot cards is like collecting art.

Given all the art styles and imagery, as well as messages, that can come though tarot and oracle, it just makes sense to consider them art. Since sophomore year of high school, I’ve collected 7 decks – but if I was rich I’d definitely have more.

Some are from Cosmic Corner, some are from small artists from across the globe.

Here’s a peek into my collection:

Available at Cosmic Corner

A tried and true, this one is now bent on the edges, and could use a good wipe down, but always get the message clear across.

This deck seems to favor answering love related questions. It was actually my first deck, but I found the imagery complicated as a beginner. I still love it though.

Storybook and magic? Culture and folklore from around the world? Bright and beautiful art? Yes. Please.

Favorites from Small Artists

Affirmation Decks from Annie Tarasova

I grew up watching her on YouTube, and now have both her affirmations deck, and her soul whispers oracle – both have beautiful messages and art.

I saw these and fell in love. Ordered all the way from Greece, these thick cards and hand-designed guidebook are everything. She just launched a new tarot deck on Kickstarter.

On the wish list

I got into spirituality and magick because of crystals, so I’ve been keeping my eye on this deck for a while and think it’s almost time to purchase.

What decks are on your Wishlist? Let us know over on Instagram and facebook.

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