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Taking Crystals from Basic to Special

Somewhere along my journey, I decided I didn’t want any “cliché” or “beginner” crystals. I had enough amethyst, enough rose quartz. I wanted something interesting. Something a bit more rare or special.

But the truth is, when you set aside spirituality and magick of crystals for a second and look a bit at the geology and gemology of it, these “basic” crystals can become a lot more interesting.

Let’s look at Rose Quartz again. First of all, it’s just a variation of quartz, which is one of the most abundant minerals and crystals on the earth. Rose Quartz is already a slight difference that makes it a bit more special.

It gets its pink colors from little tiny inclusions, which forms as the crystal cooled after creation (1). That sounds pretty darn special to me.

Another way more common crystals can become a bit more magical is based on their locale.

Again, quartz itself is found widely across the globe, from Europe to America to Japan. Rose quartz is also common, but high-quality gems often come from Sri Lanka or Madagascar.

If you narrow in on one locale, such as Madagascar, you might get some even more special variations that hold additional magical properties.

Hematoid Rose Quartz is only found in Madagascar. It forms with inclusions of iron, giving it a richer color, additional variation in veining and color pattern in the crystal itself, and for us in the metaphysical world…additional properties as well.

This iron inclusion means that Hematoid Rose Quartz can be used for everything normal rose quartz can – love, self-love, affection, heart chakra work – but can also be used for thinks like blood work and ancestral work. It may be protective and defensive, especially emotionally (a good stone for working on putting up healthy boundaries as a form of self-love, it sounds like).

So yeah, Hematoid Rose Quartz is still affordable and common in the world, but it is much more than basic. Plus, with that iron, every piece is truly unique. And all crystals work exactly like this – amethyst may be the base, but it’s still special, and all it’s variations will make it even more special. There are lots of variations of calcite, and they are all special because of their subtle differences.

In my eyes now, there is no such thing as a “basic” crystal, because each one has an amazing formation story and geology that makes it special.

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(1) "Rose Quartz Description.” Gemological Institute Of America, Gemological Institute of America Inc.,,%2C%20Madagascar%2C%20and%20Sri%20Lanka.

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