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Strawberry Moon: The First of Two Full Moons in Capricorn

Wrapping up major cycles as we traverse the portal between two powerfully healing full moons 

stawberry moon full moon in Capricorn astrology cancer season
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The June Capricorn full moon, also known as the Strawberry moon, peaks late Friday night and into Saturday, June 21st. This is the first of two full moons in Capricorn, the second taking place a month from now. We are wrapping up major cycles as we dive into the healing yet emotional waters of Cancer season where the planets Mercury and Venus reside as well, giving us a Cancer stellium for this full moon. On top of all that, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, took place June 20th on the first day of Cancer season. This is a powerful moon, yet we are working for the long term and patience is key. The bigger the goals we are working towards, the more time it takes to accomplish them. With this in mind, the second Capricorn moon in July is here to help us really come into the lessons and rewards that begin now. This first moon takes place at 1 degree, meaning we are at the early stages. The second moon will take place at the final degree, the 29th degree, and marks mastery and the end of a cycle. 

Capricorn Full Moon

This is the first full moon of the summer, but it’s steeped in the introspective, sensitive energy of Cancer where the moon thrives, so we may not be feeling as lighthearted as we did while in Gemini season. A sense of obligation and responsibility to tend to our inner world and our personal life may come up and we may feel more pressure coming from within ourselves. The emphasis with this next month is on shedding our emotional baggage, so this cancer season might feel heavy but it is here to help you lighten your inner world and liberate yourself from beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. We are longing for security and safety but we must remember that external security is easily toppled without inner security and emotional stability. 

Pluto in Capricorn 

The two Capricorn full moons are connected to Pluto, who will retrograde into Capricorn in September for the final time. This will close out a chapter of our individual lives and we are bound to see major change and endings in the collective. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn shows where this end of a cycle is taking place for you. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is the lord of karma, so these are karmic cycles and have to do with life themes and lessons. Pluto settles into Aquarius towards the end of November where it will remain for 19 years, signifying major change.

This Cancer Season = Inner Work 

We are finding maturity and responsibility, specifically in our inner world. It's time to take being our own caretaker seriously. To take responsibility for who we are and for what's going on below the surface in our emotional world. 

Cancer taps into the archetype of the mother while Capricorn, its opposite point, taps into the archetype of the father. The combination of the two will see us moving through our childhood stuff and any pain that remains there. We have an opportunity working with the energy of these planets that will allow us to actually heal it or let go of it in some way, if we can be courageous enough to not run from our emotions as they come up. We must take a page out of Cancer’s book and not allow ourselves to be frightened in the face of our pain and turbulent emotions. Instead, we can meet them with curiosity and investigation, nurturing into healing what we find through the principles of self-compassion and non-judgment for our past experiences and former versions of ourselves. Resolution often comes from meeting the past once again from the perspective of the present, allowing us to change the stories and outcomes that were decided at the time. The ability to change and evolve is eternally available, and as we grow we must continue to update the narratives and beliefs that we are creating our lives with, so that we are not held captive by the laws and rules of the past. 

In many ways, this is the work of reparenting ourselves. This month, our inner children may be more unsettled than usual, and it is on us to step into the role of the wise inner parent and provide for ourselves (and our inner kids) what we need. Many of us went through childhood with our needs unmet, and it’s time to change the cycle if it is still continuing by stepping into the role of caretaker for ourselves. This moon and the entire month of cancer season is the perfect field trip for this work. It will lead you to the places inside of you that need more care and attention, and it will show you the way towards healing and release if you follow it. 

Cancer is a mystical sign and it asks for trust in the face of the unknown. It asks that you follow the energetic threads of connection and intuition, feeling your way through the intangible until it surprises you with just how palpable it becomes. Capricorn is a sign to doubt this, as it prefers what is constant, obvious and material. That which can not be questioned but simply is. In other words, Capricorn is most comfortable with the facts. Knowing what is true provides a foundation for them and allows them to feel secure. We may be struggling between these two differing ideologies and ways of moving through the world. With so many planets in Cancer, however, it's her energy that we want to follow right now. We can utilize the pragmatism, thorough and practical intelligence of Capricorn as we follow where our heart and intuition leads us. Finding security and safety as we traverse the emotional realm to ground us and anchor us through the stormy waves we might encounter. In astrology, opposite signs share a common core that connects them. The purpose of opposites is to move up and down the axis of both signs, eventually finding integration of the two. Integration is at the heart of this month and the two Capricorn moons, which are creating a month-long portal for us to dive into, illuminating the path forward between two powerful and healing focused lunations. 

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